Powered by Motivation

3 years ago, i was  addicted to online games,”Garena”,..(RPG)role playing games….i played DOTA,HON,RF,..i spend alot of time and money playing these games,sometimes we gamble with it!but it is illegal so,not often we make money from it!….

and then “suddenly come up to me’  i was running out of money,and wondering where to get or earn!,a close friend ask me to join some kind of program,he said” Lloyd,you want to make some money online?,i was in disbelief’s at that time,that i disagree with him….and then a few week past,he offered it to me again,so i said”okay,let me try this if it’s possible to make money using the internet!…

he showed me how to create an account’then he gave me a tutorial page for me to follow,at first!i had trouble,and then i learned fast by days…it was a paid to click (PTC)program,where when you joined into that program,and you made click and view advertisements into that program,it pays you,but not that big money,..

it was only cents for every view or clicks you make into that program…then i started to realize that it is not that really hard to make money online,if only you had a motivation for yourself…so months gone by” and i thought to myself that i wasn’t earning the money i want…so i asked my friend CJ, on how to make the most of it or take advantage of the program?…he then,showed me a page,at first i didn’t understand what he was doing…then he tells me that i should be also doing things like,traffic,emailing,and submitting my affiliate links to other social media sites,,so,it was like selling the program…then he thought me how to use blogging to benefits me…i was slow in making a webpage,

i have no technical skills,but i didn’t stop there…i search everything i need to know about how to make money online…from making a tutorial page!submitting my link into trafficwebsites,…

i learned that promoting is one of the key to become successful online…

i joined almost 100 email listing or program for email marketing,and 70 traffic sites,,i got a few social networking site…




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