the fear of online ventures

hi my name is lloyd and been 3 years almost giving up searching online money making programs,most said by other’s that it isn’t the years that counts but the passion you were giving into the things that you’ve been doing.

and maybe most of people like me an average 27 year old guy,have heard or knew all the BS of some programs that promotes high amounts of money if you were to buy the product test if with full money back guarantee,(forgive i’m just carried away by my emotions)

and then some program starts brand new,from the start it pays then few more weeks the program starts to go ERROR,MAINTENANCE,UPGRADE SITE,then all of a sudden,your account been compromised,funds nowhere to find,script errors..

and support not working properly..then you start searching reviews and reports about the said programs….and start questioning other members,.

well,let me guess..they start sending massive support tickets,write a review and reports,pass a vote about the program who takes away their hard earned money,a few days ago, i read  testimonial of a member in the same program i joined with,as i was reading i feel the emotional part,he’s story was like the program was the only thing that supports he’s life and family,he even included how he prayed and cried while investing he’s money into that the back of my mind, i feel awful and sorry for that man,trusting so much into this world of hightech scam…

well, i guess some program just meant to teach someone how to be wise enough to use it,and be the one that secure first before trusting anything online..yeah it’s truth that if you want to find something online that really works and gave you alot of money,you’ll have to risk something in order to gain more..

yeah,that is really scary,…when you are not sure if the program stay forever or will it be disappeared in the next day…

i suggest a thorough review before you put some money,or try it for free,run a couple of testing,search for positive feedbacks about the program you like to join and invest your hard earn money,or maybe make a strategy to avoid being scammed by those monsters online..

yeah i called them like that” because they hurt my wallet!(lol)

if you have money  and you sure have a good feeling about the site or program,try it and take out right away your initial fund and run the profits gained from your deposit,it is the best thing to do.a2pmarketing


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